Research & Projects

Those who understand the past can manage the future. The conduct of humans in the interplay between society and environment is the focus of JMA research.

From Iceland to Anatolia, from Sulawesi to the Andes, from Ethiopia to Spain – the “exploration of landscapes and the reconstruction of social space” is conducted at JMA within the wide base of a global research approach. The core area focuses on European and Near Eastern prehistory and antiquity, which is integrated in a holistic concept of culture and environmental observations: This is one of the strengths of humanistic science that commits itself to a culture of knowledge across borders.

Numerous projects conduct interdisciplinary research that represent research in the field of archaeology/environmental and life sciences since five years. Currently 68 projects exhibit the success of the principle of interdisciplinary research and PhD teaching conducted by the Johanna Mestorf Academy. In principle “Landscape” as designed social space under specific environmental conditions becomes a vehicle for past and future developments.