Landscape distribution of talaiotic monuments as markers of social space. The Database (PhD Thesis - Maria Gelabert Oliver)


Landscape distribution of talaiotic monuments as markers of social space

Abstract Data list of tower-like monuments of Mallorca
Keywords Social space, talaiotic monuments, Prehistory of Mallorca
Description Centred in the largest island of the Balearic archipelago, during the Talaiotic period (between ca. 850 and 550 BCE), a research programme was undertaken to determine the organization of the social space. The principal source of information was the most emblematic and well defined chronologically material evidence of this time frame: the tower-like talaiotic monuments. These buildings are the basic structural unit of talaiotic settlements around which the daily life of the community was developed. Viewing talaiots as an expression of social activity, it becomes relevant to quantify the work investment in their construction that these represent. This type of estimates allowed for a territorial mapping of the social work associated with each structure. The intensity distribution of social activity was correlated with geographical and environmental variables. This research line permitted to obtain a better insight into settlement pattern and demographic aspects and to determine the relevant association between population density and potential natural resources (soil types, freshwater access, etc.).
Coverage Iron age, Talaiotic period  (850–550 BCE)
Author(s) Maria Gelabert Oliver
Created 2017
Last Modified 2017
Date published 2017
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