Imprints of Loyalty and Corporate Identity in Early Modern Landscapes


cover biederbickA nearly 450 years old book from the University Library Kiel is the key to an understanding of a distinct sign culture, which formed special landscapes of corporate identity in southern Europe in the Early Modern Times. Now the DIALOGO DELL‘ IMPRESE MILITARI ET AMOROSE from 1574 (Signature: Cb 6371) was newly edited and for the first time translated into German.
The PhD thesis by Maren C. Biederbick which was realised within the Graduate School 'Human Development on Landscapes' focusses on the analysis of over 200 corporate identity signs described in the old book, and their effects on landscapes. The outcome – including thesis, catalogue and annex – is a more than 1k pages strong opus, which was generously co-funded by the  association of the 'Alumni und Freunde der CAU e. V.'.
Biederbick, M.C. 2019: Die Entstehung von Landschaften durch Markenzeichen in der frühen Neuzeit. Neues Handbuch zum ‘DIALOGO DELL‘IMPRESE MILITARI ET AMOROSE Di Monsignor Giouio Vescovo di Nocera; Et del S. Gabriel Symeoni Fiorentino. Con un ragionamento di M. Lodovico Domenichi, nel medesimo soggetto. Con la Tauola. IN LYONE / Appresso Guglielmo Rouillio. 1574.‘, Dissertation zur Erlangung des Doktorgrades der Philosophischen Fakultät der Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel 14. März 2017, Typoskript, Ingolstadt 2019.