Spatial Analysis

Space is one basic dimension and essential as a concept for many fields of research. As well as time space serves both as a general reference system between objects and as a trait in itself, that has to be investigated.

Due to the omnipresence of spatial information, many different approaches of spatial analysis are applied in various disciplines. The JMA group ‘Spatial Analysis’ attempts to share and exchange spatial analysis competence across disciplines and fields of research. We aim to enhance our knowledge of certain concepts, theories and applications by using different analytic approaches, to work collaboratively on certain topics and to transfer knowledge from one discipline or field of research to another.
The topics include spatial statistics, space syntax, point pattern analysis, spatial modeling and simulation, GIS, perceiving space and analysing transportation, networks and interdependent spatial relationships.

By organizing events such as workshops, lectures and Summer Schools as well as a round table, we aim for an exchange between scientists from different disciplines and fields. Irregular meetings are used to show progress as well as raise discussions on topics and to go about issues, the members might have. We support other initiatives with competence on spatial analysis.

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