The heir to the Reinbothsch property. The archaeological features and finds of the excavation Schleswig LA 225, Rathausmarkt 17 (Offa article P.-O. Pohl)


The heir to the Reinbothsch property. The archaeological features and finds of the excavation Schleswig LA 225, Rathausmarkt 17

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Keywords urban excavation, Schleswig, Germany 

The features and finds of the 2010 excavation in Schleswig, Rathausmarkt 17, essentially comprise the layers of the high and late Middle Ages, thus filling the gap between the well archaeologically investigated early medieval phase and the historically well-documented late phase of Schleswig. More than 2700 small finds of the material groups iron, non-ferrous metal, ceramics, glass, bones, wood and leather have been recovered and provide evidence of the housework and craftsmanship practiced on this property and its surroundings.

Find catalogue I Metal, p. 2- 46
Find catalogue II Ceramics, pp. 47-157
Find catalogue III Bones and antlers, pp. 158-160
Find catalogue IV Wood, pp. 161-173
Finding catalogue V Leather, pp. 174-179
Catalog VI Miscellaneous, pp. 180-215
Find catalogue VII Archaeozoologically determined animal bones, pp. 216-263

Feature catalog pp. 264-319

Coverage medieval
Author(s) Per-Ole Pohl
Created 2018
Last Modified 2018
Date published 2018
Language German
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P.-O. Pohl, The heir to the Reinbothsch property. The archaeological features and finds of the excavation Schleswig LA 225, Rathausmarkt 17.
Offa-Zeitschrift 71/72, 2014/15 (2018) 327-367.

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