"Das Schleswiger Hafenviertel im Hochmittelalter (Grabung Plessenstraße 83/3) (PhD Thesis F. Rösch)"


Das Schleswiger Hafenviertel im Hochmittelalter (Grabung Plessenstraße 83/3)

Abstract Data list and figures of features and profiles
Keywords Transhipment centre, emporium, medieval harbour, transformation process Hedeby – Schleswig, Northern Europe

In the 1970s the plot Plessenstraße 83/3 in Schleswig was excavated and the investigation of nearly 3,000 sqm developed into the largest surface excavation in Schleswig to date. Here, one encountered the shore area from the 11th century, where, due to outstanding conditions of preservation, numerous wood structures that have been related to the early harbour had been preserved.

The focus of the investigation presented in the monography centres on about 9,000 wood features, which, supported by an extensive dendrochronological sampling, stem mainly from the decades around 1100 AD. Furthermore, related features, such as stone arrangements, pits, trenches and house locations, were examined, and already processed groups of finds were additionally consulted.

Both the functional-technological aspect of various structural elements, as well as the involved actors and individual actions are examined. Based on these analyses, superordinate questions concerning the organisation of the medieval harbour, the organisation of ports in general, as well as the urbanisation process in the Baltic Sea region and in Scandinavia are discussed. As one specific aspect, the results are additionally explored regarding their contribution to the transformation process of Hedeby into Schleswig during the 11th century.


Coverage High Middle Ages, late 11th/early 12th centuries AD
Author(s) Felix Rösch
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Created 2015
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Date published 2018
Language German, with comprehensive summary in English
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Felix Rösch, Das Schleswiger Hafenviertel im Hochmittelalter. Entstehung – Entwicklung – Topographie. Zeitschrift für Archäologie des Mittelalters, Beiheft 26 (Bonn 2018)

ISBN 978-3-7749-4136-6

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